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Brushed Mani Mantra - original


The creation of this free brushed Mani mantra oṃ ma ṇi pad me hūṃ was videoed in 2011 with an explanation of each of its six syllables.

Posted on the Tashi Mannox YouTube channel - It has to date been viewed over 41.000 times, making this particular calligraphy piece a little famous in its own way and now for the first time made available to purchase.


Each of the six syllables of this mantra is pronounced and explained in meaning below: 


The syllable oṃ that purifies Pride 

The syllable ma that purifies Jealousy 

The syllable ṇi that purifies Desire 

The syllable peh that purifies Stupidity 

The syllable me that purifies Poverty 

The syllable hūṃ that purifies Hatred


61 x 47 cm Japanese Sumi ink on 300gsm watercolour paper. 2011