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Calm Abiding Ensō - original

The Unification of Japanese and Tibetan calligraphy traditions was pioneered by the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Both traditions may share the same meditative approach to creativity as an expression of being totally fresh in the present moment of awareness - Yet different brush types and techniques are employed, which lends to a curious calligraphy creation - with concerns more about the process of creation, Than being focused on the end result.

Here an ensō encompasses the word ཞི་ meaning peaceful or calm, below which, as a firm foundation, is the word གནས་ meaning to abide or remain - together describing an essential quality of calm abiding meditation - Samatha - ཞི་གནས།


45 x 64 cm Japanese Sumi ink on 300g watercolour paper. 2019