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Invocation Heading - original

A study piece created to gather information and to consider composition for a larger art piece on a similar theme.


The main feature of this calligraphy combination is a heading character that traditionally announces the start of an important manuscript such as a Sutra, and also each A side of a manuscript page. This is not a word as such but functions as a symbol, much like a musical clef announces the beginning of a musical score.


This more rarely used header has four swirls, above each swirl are four syllables of action that summon the Wisdom Deities and Dharma Protectors, pronounced dza hum bam ho, giving the name of this composition study as ‘Invocation Heading’.


Note the penciled construction grid lines of the heading and syllables, important to the Uchen script style that is based of the sacred geomantic grid of nine boxes.


Chinese ink on 300 gsm watercolour paper, 396 x 330 mm 


This is the original art piece. No limited edition prints available.