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Meditation Mudra - original


The essential practice of abiding in a calm yet alert state, in Sanskrit is called ‘shamatha’ in Tibetan ཞི་གནས། pronounced shi-nay, is the founding quality of any meditation practice.


A calligraphy piece to illustrate, like a emblem of meditation or even that completeness of an ensō, which within - is scribed the the words ‘calm abiding’ in a contemporary cursive Drutsa script, as if emanating from that one-pointed focused at the tip of the thumbs.


The line of smaller calligraphy below simply translates as ‘practice meditation’. A simple reminder of what we should do on a regularly every day basis.

Moreover, the literal translation is much more insightful and what can be accomplished through dedicated meditation - The first word སྒྲུབ་པ་ meaning to attain, accomplish. The second words བསམ་གཏན། meaning absorption, meditative concentration, which in Sanskrit is Dhyana.



Japanese Sumi ink and gold mica inks on A3 size heavy water-colour paper.