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The Four Immeasurable States - original

Also known as The Four Limitless Ones. These four essential states: Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity, are each seated on individual lotus flowers, brushed in a blue Drutsa script, a Tibetan cursive style of calligraphy. 

Below these four lotus flowers is a commentary scribed in a rare round tailed Drutsa script from 14th century Tibet. This reads as:


'According to the Mahayana by meditation that focuses on measureless beings there are four states of mind that set in motion measureless punya (auspicious or positive effects or states), namely: measureless love, measureless compassion, measureless joy and measureless equanimity.'

Translation by Lama Shepen Hookham at the request of Tashi Mannox June 2011


Chinese ink and Japanese mineral paint on Bhutanese Desho paper, 57 x 84 cm, 2012