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Thönmi Sambhota Thangka - art print

This is a traditional thangka painting of the Karma Gadri style, which was especially commissioned by Tashi Mannox on the rarely depicted great calligrapher and scholar Thönmi Sambhota.

Sambhota is a historical figure responsible for developing the foundation of the Tibetan writing systems in the seventh century A.D, which form the basis of the Tibetan language today.


This thangka features many historical references to Thönmi Sambhota, such as rainbow beams emanating from him that display two golden disks marked with the letter ཨ, the essential and last letter of the Tibetan alphabet. 

On the left is ཨ in the classical Uchen script and on the right is the same letter ཨ in the Umed class of scripts. These represent the two main streams of script styles he created and still in use to the present day. 

Seen held in his lap, is a tablet inscribed with a rendition of a Mani mantra, oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ, which was presented to King Songtsen Gampo as the first sample Sambhota created of the Tibetan Uchen script. 


The thangka painter Sahil Bhopal, of Flying Whale Art studio in India, entrusted Tashi to personally add the two principle letters ཨ to the golden disks, as well as the Mani mantra within the thangka.


Gicleé matt printed on fine canvas that is convincing to the effet of a real painted thangka. Canvas is also advantageous in that it can be sewn into a traditional brocade mount. ( does not provide brocade mounts)

Please specify by email if you otherwise wish the piece Gicleé printed on sustainably sourced natural white bamboo fine art paper, at 290 g/m².


One print size only, actual image size  360 x 533 mm excluding a 15 mm border = £280