Tibetan Tattoo Designs

  • Mani mantra. Uchen with heading, coloured accents, no...

  • Mani mantra. Uchen with no separation dots

  • Mani mantra. Uchen with ornate heading and red accents

  • Mani mantra. Uchen with red double heading and accents

  • Mani mantra. Wartu script with ribbon cloud design

  • Mani mantra. Wartu scritp with blue heading and ending

  • Mani, Pani and Wisdom mantras. Drutsa script stacked...

  • Mani, Pani and Wisdom mantras. Petsug script

  • Mani, Pani and Wisdom mantras. Tsugtung script

  • Mani, Pani, Wisdom, Mani mantras. Drutsa, stacked vertically

  • Mani, Pani, Wisdom, Pani, Mani mantras. Drutsa, stacked...

  • Mani, Wisdom, Pani mantras. Drutsa, stacked vertically

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