Tibetan Tattoo Designs

  • Benza Guru Mantra. x2 circular, Uchen

  • Family harmony. Drutsa circular design

  • It is better to live a day as a Tiger than a thousand years...

  • White Tara mantra. Two lines, Drutsa script

  • Unconditional Love. Horyig script

  • Mani mantra garland and syllable hri on open lotus

  • Manjushri mantra garland and syllable dhi on open lotus

  • Pani mantra garland and syllable hum on open lotus

  • Medicine Buddha mantra and hum syllable. Lantsa Sanskrit

  • Hum syllable on Lotus. Wartu Sanskrit

  • Manjushri dhi syllable on Lotus

  • Unchanging well being. Drutsa circular design

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