Tibetan Tattoo Designs

  • Pani Mantra of protection. Lantsa Sanskrit with wave design

  • Mani mantra. Tsugmakhyug script with wave design

  • Music-melody. Drutsa script with heading and ending swirls

  • Awareness. High Drutsa with red heading and accents

  • We are what we think. Tsugtung script

  • We are what we think. Ornate Drutsa script

  • Self respect-esteem. Ornate Drutsa script

  • Present awareness-mind of nowness. Uchen script

  • May goodness increase. Uchen script

  • Ultimate nature of mind. Tsugring script with double heading

  • To find calm-peace. Uchen script

  • The wise learn from the past, the brave learn from the...

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